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Shark Gaming lands big million-investment for international expansion

The development in gaming is gaining momentum right now and the market has grown explosively in recent years. Analyzes indicate that up to 96% of all Danish teenage boys play computer games and that requires good gaming gear. Shark Gaming is especially known for this and that is why they just landed a large million investment to further develop the business and create an international growth adventure.

“Shark Gaming was born as a hardware store and they have built a really strong brand and a good business. Several of the largest esport teams, such as Astralis and North, use their customized computers and this is a truly solid foundation. We would like to help the Sharks to achieve the next level and ensure international growth”, explains Søren Lottrup from the family fund ELWIS A/S, new co-investor in Shark Gaming. “When it comes to gaming, I think we've only scratched the surface. The market is in a fantastic development and it is getting even bigger. Not least because the technology that drives the experience is constantly evolving and there are still many new technologies that needs to take off. ”In connection with the investment, Søren Lottrup has joined the board of Shark Gaming.

Professional sports demand professional suppliers

At Shark Gaming they are genuinely pleased with the opportunities offered by the ELWIS A/S’ investment. The company’s slogan is “Maximize your potential” – and Shark can now do that themselves: “Gaming has become a professional sport and it affects us as a supplier. We need to get even bigger, so we searched for “smart money” – some that can help expand the business while they can advise. The choice fell on ELWIS A/S because they are genuinely interested – they have curiosity and enthusiasm for this project as a whole and that is extremely important”, explains Daniel Gerhardt, CEO and co-founder, Shark Gaming soon to have existed for 10 years. “The Lottrups have a broad experience in different industries and have proven that they can grow businesses. It gives us valuable knowledge and networking opportunities.”

We want to be the best

Shark Gaming was established in 2009 as a response to a market characterized by poor Chinese produced gaming computers sold too expensive and with little to nonexistent support/advice. The niche concerning customized and tailored gaming computers turned out to hit the mark and just two years in Shark Gaming turned over 20 million DKK per year. “Our ambition is to the best in the market – and right now it’s working” Everyone else focuses on price and then the cheapest one wins. It’s impossible to build upon something where you make a profit of 5%. It’s hard to want more for a product if it doesn’t stand out compared to the competition, and therefore we sell unique hardware and design under our own brand – that is our force. When we are incomparable, we are unable to lose the battle”, explains Daniel Gerhardt. Furthermore, Shark Gaming also won Herlev Municipality’s Business Prize 2018 for its work with young and vulnerable people having difficulties entering the labor market.

Long-term investment with both capital and know-how

Søren Lottrup describes the investment as longterm: “Step by step we kick off a rocket – our ambition is to take the company to the next level through new customer experiences and international growth and it takes the time it takes. They are 20 passionate experts who know about the newest trends while we know something about strategic business development with an international perspective. It is a great combo”. The first step is about getting Shark Gaming beyond the country borders. “They have already taken the first step in Sweden, so now we are going after the Nordic countries and then even further out!”.

Additional info

If you would like further information about the agreement between ELWIS A/S and Shark Gaming, please contact Søren Lottrup on tel. 3117 7976 or Daniel Gerhardt on tel. 3841 1551.